Hotel Pernik, Holguin City, Cuba
A hotel in the modern area of the Holguín City, the Cuban City of Parks

Rooms at Hotel Pernik

Hotel Pernik has 200 rooms, which are comfortable and roomy. 148 rooms are double, 2 suites and 50 simple, of these last ones 8 are characterized to be gallery rooms, dedicated to 8 Cuban personalities of the world of the culture, among them: the musician Leo Brouwer, the plastic artists Cosme Proenza, Choco and Nelson Domínguez, the writers Pablo Armando Fernández and Roberto Fernández Retamar and singer Esther Borjas.

Twin Room in Hotel Pernik

Twin Room

Room and Art Gallery

Room and Art Gallery

Hotel Pernik Room and Art Gallery

Room and Art Gallery

Room 210: dedicated to Leo Brouwer, decorated with paintings, books, disks and graphic evidence that it covers from its beginnings in the artistic world in 1959 until the present time and this sample shows a picture taken by the founder of Cuban New Trova Silvio Rodríguez in which appear smiling the composer and director of Irakeres Chucho Valdés, Leo and his wife Isabel.

Room 202: dedicated to Francisco Javier Suárez, room decorated with this artist's works (a glass expert), and it exhibits to a beautiful unicorn and stained glass and vitrals.

Nigel Alexander Hunt

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