Hotel Pernik, Holguin City, Cuba
A hotel in the modern area of the Holguín City, the Cuban City of Parks

Famous Guest of Hotel Pernik

2002: Eduardo Roca Salazar, important painter, designer and Cuban engraver of artistic grateful trajectory. The same one was born in Santiago de Cuba in 1949 and he is graduated in the School of Art Instructors and  the National Art School too. He carried out studies in the Faculty of Arts and Letters, of the University of Havana. His exhibitions have been mounted in countries like France, Japan, Spain, Colombia, Sweden, among other. He has received prizes as much in Cuba as in foreign contests that locate him in a highlighted place in the current panorama of the Cuban art. For him the first room of the Hotel Pernik was dedicated, turned into art gallery
February 14 of 2003: Nelson Domínguez, connoted Cuban painter, he inaugurated his room in the Hotel pernik. The same one decorated too the sanitary pieces of the bathroom. There he has also left the Doorknocker of the City, distinction that was conferred him here, a bonsai... He has mounted an easel with a canvas that he has gone painting during their visits. That painting, when he finishes it, one of the walls of the hotel will adorn

December 31 of 2004: Cosme Proenza, important Painter and engraver of the Holguin city. Member of UNEAC and of the International Association of Plastic Arts (AIAP). The famous artist of the plastic one inaugurated his room in Hotel Pernik

2005: Leo Brouwer, guitarist, composer and orchestra's director, is also founder of New Trova, he integrated the Group of Sound Experimentation of ICAIC (Cuban institution of Arts and cinematographic Industry) next to Silvio, Pablo and other grateful artists, equally of that institution of the seventh art and of the Cuban Institute of Broadcasting (ICR), today Cuban Institute of Radio and Television (ICRT). The grateful musician accompanied by his wife Isabel left inaugurated the room that the workers of the Hotel Pernik, of Holguín, dedicated to him

Nigel Alexander Hunt

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