Hotel Pernik, Holguin City, Cuba
A hotel in the modern area of the HolguĂ­n City, the Cuban City of Parks
Hotel Pernik Upper View

Hotel Pernik in Holguin City

Hotel Pernik, 3 stars rate and located in Holguin city, is the better known of the city and it is characterized by its sobriety and the elegance in the decoration, as well as for the functionality of its spaces, in addition to the comforts of its wide rooms.

Hotel Pernik Reception

Hotel Pernik is a place frequented by ambassadors, artists, writers and presidents of nations, it has the same one a neat and comfortable atmosphere, and a personnel staff of kind and professional service.

Hotel Pernik Lobby

Unrivalled shelter for the artists that visit Holguin city, the Hotel Pernik has been won an important space in the Cuban culture by force of love and intelligence.

Varied recreational options inside and out of the hotel are harmonically complemented with tours to sites of historic, cultural, anthropological and tourist interest.

Hotel Pernik Pool

Among them: the Loma de la Cruz (The Hill of the Cross), La Periquera de Historia (current Museum of History), the San Isidro Cathedral and the Museum of Natural Sciences.

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